Why Powder Coat your Rims?

Why Powder Coat your Rims?

Everyone knows that a simple way to improve the look of your car is to change the way your wheels look. Most go after a new set of rims, but this isn’t always needed. We will explain how Powder Coating can create a beautiful new look while saving you money in the process.

“What is Powder Coating?”

Powder Coating is a process where they electrically charge and spray ground particles made up of pigment and resin onto a metal surface. Electrostatically charging the ground particles causes them to stick to the grounded base metal object, like your rim. Once coated, the rims must be baked to allow the particles to blend together and cure.

“I’ve been told Powder Coating damages the wheel?”

We’ve dealt with thousands of wheels since establishing in 2008 and have not had any issues, or reported problems from our customers, due to Powder Coating. Therefore, we believe that this process does not cause any damage to the wheel.

Powder Coating your wheels creates another level of protection and is less susceptible to damage than paint is! Our Powder Coated rims are dipped in an advanced, Eco-Friendly, Clear Coat finish for another layer of protection. This provides a long-lasting, lustrous, and durable finish and makes maintenance a breeze.

Three reasons to why you should Powder Coat your rims:

  1. Extra Protection.
    1. Powder Coating not only changes the color of your wheels but also provides another layer of protection to your Rims.
  2. Maintenance becomes far easier.
    1. Due to the process of Powder Coating, brake dust, dirt, gravel, etc. doesn’t stick as it would to a Rim that hasn’t been coated. Usually, a quick wash with warm water (when the rim is cool) and soap will clean it all off.
  3. Cheaper than purchasing new Rims
    1. A new set of Wheels can be in the thousands. Powder Coating can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

“I’ve read enough! How do I Powder Coat my rims?”

Awesome! Give us a call/message, and we will discuss the rest over the phone/email.

Contact Us!

Have you already had your wheels Powder Coated by us? Send us pictures of your new ride! Leave us a message on this post or send us an email. We’re always looking for more photos to put up in our office.


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