Taking care of your new Rims

We love talking to and helping out our customers in any way possible. Day by day, we answer questions about all kinds of things, but we’ve seen the same one over and over: “How do I take care of my finished Rims?” The answer can be as simple as “Just like you would your normal Rims.” but we won’t leave it at that. Within this short read, I’ll present the correct way to maintaining and cleaning your brand new finished Rims!

Our Experience

LuxuryWheelCollection, previously known as CaliberWheels, has been around since 2008 and has handled thousands of Rims since. With our experience, we feel we’ve become experts in maintaining and handling Rims that use a finish of any kind.

Some information most don’t know:

Powder Coated Rims are less susceptible to damage than paint is! Even though this is true, proper maintenance is still required to ensure your coat lasts. We coat our Rims with an advanced, Eco-Friendly, Clear Coat finish which provides a long-lasting, lustrous, and durable clear coat finish to make maintenance a little easier on you.

Here are a few keys we’ve learned to make sure your Powder Coated Rims last:

  1. We recommend cleaning your wheels only when they are cool to prevent drying too fast.
  2. Start by using mild soap and water on your wheels and then drying with a microfiber or soft felt cloth.
    1. DO NOT use any chrome cleaner or acidic cleaner on your wheels! These contain harsh materials that can cause discoloration or peeling and may even eat at the coating.
  3. If you do use a wheel cleaner, do not use anything too harsh. Anything that contains any acids is a strict “no” from us.
    1. We can only recommend Meguiar’s A3332 Quik Detailer Mist & Wipe as it is all we use on our Clear Coat protected Rims.
    2. You want to be especially careful when working with a Matte/Satin finish. We highly recommend not allowing anything to dry when working with this type of finish.
    3. We do not use brushes when we clean our wheels so we cannot recommend anything. A microfiber cloth and our hand does the job for us.
  4. You can apply a proper sealant or an extra coat to help keep the brake dust off your wheels and make cleaning your Rims far easier. Our wheels already come with our advanced clear coat so this is up to you.
  5. Avoid cheap, automated car washes as these can damage your wheels. If you wish to have your car washed by someone, please do your research and find a reputable source that knows what they are doing.

That’s it.

It’s as simple as that. Get out there and clean those wheels. Don’t forget to send us pictures when they’re clean as we love seeing your rides and you may even get a blog dedicated to your whip!